III Annual International Conference of the Baltic Society of Regional Anaesthesia


Friday 05.05.2017

15.00…16.00 Registration. Welcome coffee.

16.00…17.30 Pharmacology of regional anaesthesia

Chairpersons: Iveta Golubovska (LAT) and Narinder Rawal (SWE)

16.00…16.20 Regional anaesthesia meetings in Baltics. Iveta Golubovska / Narinder Rawal (LAT)

16.30…17.00 Local anaesthetics: un update Juri Karjagin

17.00…17.30 Opioids in postoperative pain – recent innovations. Narinder Rawal (SWE)

17.30…18.00 Coffee break

18.00…19.00 US workshops I (groups of 8 person)

Neck and shoulder (cervical plexus, brachial plexus - interscalene approach, supraclavicular approach, suprascapular) Tanja Wiksten / Aleksejs Miscuks

Upper extremity blocks (brachial plexus-infraclavicular and axillar approaches, rescue blocks) Steve Coppens / Vilma Trakšaite

Lower extremity blocks (n. femoralis, n. ischiadicus, n. saphenous) Iveta Golubovska/ Alar Rokk

Trunk blocks (PECS, Paravertebral, TAP) Juri Karjagin

Neuraxial blocks Irina Evansa

19.15…20.15 US workshops II, same workshops

Saturday 06. 05. 2017

8.30-10.00 Safety and outcomes of regional anaesthesia

Chairpersons: Irina Evansa (LAT) and Steve Coppens (BEL)

8.30…9.00 Epidural abscesses and spinal hematomas Arunas Gelmanas (LTU)

9.00…09.30 How regional can mask postoperative complications? Saule Svediene (LTU)

9.30…10.00 Outcome of regional anaesthesia Steve Coppens (BEL)

10.00…10.30 Coffee break

10.30…11.30 Abstracts – 8 abstracts 8 min each (download abstracts here)

The prostaglandins for labour induction and chronic postpartum back pain after epidural analgesia

Influence of anesthesia choice for the intra-articular shoulder field visualization

Cumulative radiation dose exposure in three consecutive fluoroscopy guided lumbar spine epidural steroid injections

Acute postoperative pain impact on outcome of patients after heart surgery

Evaluation of 24-hour analgesic effect of combined US- guided interscalene brachial plexus block, suprascapular nerve block and axillary nerve block.

Risk factors associated with cognitive changes after total hip replacement surgery

Post-operative analgesia level assessment after total knee replacement evaluated by infrared thermography.

Influence of body mass index changes during pregnancy on anesthesia and postoperative parturient’s state after Caesarean section.

11.30…12.30 PRO / CON session Epidural for major surgery

Moderator: Aleksander Koroljov (EST)

11.30…12.00 PRO Steve Coppens (BEL)

12.00…12.30 CON Narinder Rawal (SWE)

12.30…13.30 Lunch

13.30…15.00 Regional anaesthesia for chronic pain relief

Chairpersons: Aleksejs Mišcuks (LAT) and Tanja Wiksten (SWE)

13.30…14.00 Pulsed radiofrequency therapy for chronic pain. Tanja Wiksten (SWE)

14.00…14.30 US guided symphatetic blocks for treatment of CRPS. Alekseijs Miscuks (LAT)

14.30…15.00 US guided blocks for chronic pain in neck - shoulder region. Iveta Golubovska (LAT)

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