6th annual conference of the Baltic Society of Regional Anaesthesia


Dear friends, ultrasound and regional anaesthesia fans. It is already one year all our power turned against COVID-19. Tens and maybe hundreds of events cancelled, postponed or moved to the “Zoom”. We expected to meet in Pärnu last year, then we had plans for this year, but COVID again made us to change everything again.

Anaesthesiolgists and intensive care physicians are strong ones and that is why we thought not to postpone our BSRA meeting.

It is our pleasure to announce our first web-based conference e-BSRA I.

Our two major focuses are ultrasound in our daily practice in OR, intensive care, emergency room, literally everywhere we can help our patients and regional analgesia modern approaches to abdominal, shoulder and hip surgery as most abundant surgeries on our OR’s.

We have international faculty not only from Baltic countries, but abroad. Dedicated experts will share their knowledge, pro-con discussions and workshops. We truly believe that every specialty related to patient acute care either anaesthesiology, intensive care or emergency medicine already use ultrasound in daily practice and that our conference will broaden horizons further more.

Our greatest pleasure is to invite all of you to e-BSRA on Friday 7th May 2021. As usually our full registration fee include ESRA membership for the running year.

Join yourself and ask your friend to join too.

On behalf of Baltic Society of Regional Anaesthesia and Estonian Society of Anaesthesiologists,

Aleksejs Miscuks Juri Karjagin

Aleksejs Miscuks

Juri Karjagin

Written by Administrator on Tuesday April 6, 2021